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Residential recycling is available for a small additional monthly fee added to your regular trash service.

Recycling is picked up on the same day as your trash. Use the recycle bin or cart, that we provide, to place your recyclables at the curb for pickup.
If you are a biweekly recycling customer and would like a calendar showing your recycling weeks, click here for a printable schedule

Please use following information regarding what can be recycled and how to prepare items for recycling. If you are not sure something is recyclable - throw it out in your regular trash. "When in doubt, throw it out"

Click here for Kent County's Guide for recyclables.

  Clear & Colored Glass Bottles and Jars Aluminum Foil and Cans Steel/Tin Cans Plastics Newspaper, Brown Paper Bags, Mixed Paper, Magazines
Examples of Recyclable Items

Clear and colored glass food and beverage containers

Brown, green, blue glass

Non-returnable soda, beer, and wine bottles.

Food and beverage containers

Pie plates

Other foil containers

Food and beverage containers

Empty aerosol cans

Most any plastic container with a code of 1 through 7 indicated on it.

Newspaper (including inserts)
Discarded mail, envelopes, fliers
Writing, typing and computer paper.
Brown paper bags
Magazines and catalogs
Telephone books
Paperboard (flattened)
Cardboard (flattened)

Preparations for Recycling Remove metal rings or foam labels
Wash and rinse clean
Leave lids off

Wash foil very clean
Wash and rinse cans clean

Remove labels
Wash and rinse cans clean
Wash and rinse  
Items NOT recyclable NO light bulbs
NO windows
NO dishes or glassware
NO mirrors
NO foil backed paper inserts or wrappers
NO lawn furniture
NO pots or pans
NO siding or gutters
NO aluminum doors or windows
NO car parts
NO paint cans
NO gas/fuel cans
NO appliances
NO fencing
NO hangers
NO bakeware, pots, pans, utensils

NO Styrofoam (e.g. egg cartons, meat trays, cups, plates)
NO plastic film and other non-rigid plastic (like garbage bags, Ziptop bags, drycleaners bags, etc.)

NO wrapping paper
NO tissue or Kleenex
NO napkins or paper towels
NO wax paper
NO used paper plates
NO paper with food or food stains
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